Friday, June 10, 2011

GREEN points about Tile

"The solution of every problem is contained within itself. Its plan, form and character are determined by the nature of the site, the nature of the materials used, the nature of the system using them, the nature of the life concerned and the purpose of the building itself.”  Frank Lloyd Wright
  • There are no plastics or solvents used to make the product.  Nearly all components in tile are organic—clay, sand, and feldspar.
  • When harvested in a responsible manner, clay is considered an eco-friendly material.
  • Tile is durable and can last generations (if not longer), meaning it will not be disposed of very quickly.
  • Tile does not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria.
  • Most tile glazes are water-based and use minimal amounts of solvents.  Once fired, the tile and glaze are completely fused with no emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Tile manufacturers are employing sophisticated dust collection systems and reclamation processes to reuse all unfired waste generated by production.
  • Many manufacturers have systems that recycle 100% of retained production water resulting in a drastic reduction in water consumption.
  • Technological advances are allowing manufacturers to take back post-consumer tiles and recycle them into new ones, thus keeping materials from municipal waste streams.
  • Porcelain is technically impervious ceramic tile.  This means spills will not seep through the material and deteriorate the subfloor with rot, mold, etc.
  • Tile can help projects earn LEED points under various areas, depending on where and how it is manufactured.
  • Tile effectively retains both heat and the cooling effect of air conditioning.  When used in conjunction with an energy-efficient radiant heating system, the energy consumption required for a building can be reduced.
  • Tile will not give off odors or absorb odors from other contaminants such as smoke and paint fumes.
  • There are generally no gases or toxic by-products when installing or living with tile.

Information provided by Floor Covering News March 7/14 2011 issue.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spec House 1

What a delicious home!!!

This is actually the Spec House 1 on the same golf course as Spec House 2. Sorry they are out of order, but I think this one deserves Special Attention.

Spacious gourmet kitchen has a wonderful open work area. Large island for prep or entertaining. We installed Tumbled Botticino Marble 4"x4" tile set on a 45. Using 4"x4" pewter "frames" with aged bronze "bursts" inserts add dimension. The 12" Vineyard Plate in a nickel finish adds a focal point above the stove.

A Bathroom we only DREAM of.......

This fabulous bathroom is truly a retreat. The tile colors chosen were subtle earth tones for functionality, tone and contrast to the other finishes in the room.
Though it hard to see in these pictures, the quarter-turned decos and decorative molding around the tub surround are actually cast stone roses. When paired with the sliced river rocks in the floor and decorative accent in the shower, it converts that "girly" feel into "romantically masculine."

Patterns and Textures

Multiple textures and colors
add a dramatically elegant look.

We used a combination of 4"x4" white, 6"x6" white, and 6"x6" blue tile to create this pattern. Then added the copper "liner bars" and "pillows" to finish the look.

The idea:
A picture with this pattern,on a larger scale, was presented for concept. Once the concept was accepted, we made the pattern scale-appropriate for our area. I think we achieved our goal.
Simple Elegance.

Real deal or compromise

Slate or Fake?

This client wanted the look of natural slate without the maintance. So we found a porcelain tile that mimicked the look of natural slate. (Plus it was less expensive!)

They did use a 2"x2" natural slate mosaic for the accent strip, as well as the shower floor.

Wow, what a fabulous look!!

Comfortable Contrast

Warm rich Brazilian Cherry, please meet natural Maple Stainless Steel!

An ultra modern kitchen, with its sleek slab front Maple cabinets, Black Granite countertops, Stainless Steel appliances gets a warm and inviting touch with the Brazilian Cherry floor.

Stainless Steel Modern

Stainless Steel tile backsplash for a modern touch to any kitchen.

This customer wanted a modern kitchen, without going contemporary. Stainless appliances help balance the feeling in this kitchen. The Black granite countertops have silver/grey flakes to aid the coordination, and help ground the room with the natural maple cabinets. Even though there are modern, sleek touches at every turn in this room, it is very welcoming and comfortable.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spec House 2

This beautifully comfortable home is built on one of the premiere golf courses in Central Michigan.
The idea for this project was to convey a warm, inviting, rich, welcoming sense of home. The dark coffee stained oak floors seem to draw you into each room.
The coffee stained floors ground the spaces of this home. The wonderful use of color on the wall and window treatments, set this home alive! The finishes in this home are fine details that "pull it all together."
Interlocking wood corners,
This finishing touch really makes any home unique and special. This is a small detail that will impress many, and convey a custom high end look.
A little effort goes a long ways!!!